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Western wear made its way to Indian culture long way back. And now it has a place of its own in the Indian culture and society. Whether it be a birthday party, your relationship anniversary party, a weakened party, or any other occasion, we young girls and millennial generation leis prefer western wears only.
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The growing fashion consciousness among Indian women has turned the western wear segment into a lucrative and highly liked market. Going beyond the boundaries of urban markets in major metros, casual wear is picking up pace in mini metros, Tier II and III cities as well.Among established brands as well, earlier, only five percent of the total product portfolio consisted of dresses. In the last two or three years, the percentage share has increased to 35 percent.
As is the case with a number of things, Westernization has had its impact on Indian clothing as well. A significant part of the Indian population has turned towards western wears such as jeans, trousers, skirts, T-shirts, suits and shirts and prefers them over traditional clothing such as sarees and dhotis. There is, however, a certain section of the population that prefers to stick to traditional Indian clothing. Interestingly in the last decade, a beautiful amalgamation of Indian and Western clothing has become popular, which has come to be known as ‘Indo-Western’ garments or ‘Indo-Western fusion’ garments.
Indo-Western fusion garments are being largely preferred by Indian consumer females alike and have now become ‘the in thing’. These garments are gaining acceptance in the Indian mindset, and are becoming the choice of apparel at formal and informal events, as well as for work wear. There are several designers who have taken to the designing of Indo-Western fusion garments. Consequently, there are several such pieces of apparel available in the market.

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