DIVA DIME comes from a young girl, a business administration student whose first interest was nothing else but FASHION. Borne in a middle class family, she could not always afford everything that she desired for, which could help her look more fashionable and make her look aesthetic for her own eyes!

So, she went on to study business administration, so that she can help herself earn enough money to look more fashionable! While doing certain surveys, she came across many girls and women who were facing the same circumstances! So, she decided to help every one of them! She decided to start her own website and deliver everything to every girl which can help her to become more fashionable! Whether it be clothes (Indian, urban), foot wears, accessories, or anything else!

Then she faced another problem. Fashion is something that everyone desires, but not everyone can afford it! So, she decided to sell second hand dresses through her online business as well! A second hand car’s cost is much less after it is used, even once, but the fact is that it is still brand new, buying it with the name of a second hand car wouldn’t harm you! After all, it is not important for a human being to tell everything about their success story to others, if you get what we intend to say 😉

On the other hand, she also started a INDIAN CLOTHES RENTING business on the same site for the people of Indian UT (CHANDIGARH, PANCHKIULA and MOHALI), so that they can enjoy best of their looks in best of the Indian outfits without creating a hall in their pockets!